Crafts Production

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Crafts Production


                                                                                             P: picture.
Period time: 35 - 45 days
Step 1 (2-7 days): 
Framework, being used of nature and synthetic material as bamboo, wood, ply-wood, pressed paper, composite, pottery, vv [P1, P2].
Step 2 (2 days): 
Make dry and treating as closely connect, protect. And then using coarse-cloth and nature paint to cover product. That make product be strongly, do not curled up [P3].
Step 3 (2 days):
Cover product by paint with talcum or soil material (like glue ), make dry, water grind and make smooth [P4, P5, P6].
Step 4 (2 days):
Two-time cover (make decrepit) by paint and talcum or soil mixed. The first time thick- make and water grind, then make dry, we have got thick face [P7}. The second time thick make and water-grind, make dry. That make flat of face-product [P8, P9, P10].
Step 5 (1 day):
One time cover product by watery-paint, make dry and then fill up fault holes, get flat. Make dry and flat water-grind [P 11, P 12].
Step 6 (1 day):
The first thick-paint covered, make dry, flat water-grind, one more time fill up fault holes by paint and then make flat water-grind [P13].
Step 7 (1day):
The second thick-paint covered, make dry, make flat water-grind. Finish this step we have half-products, it is called VOC [P14].
Step 8 (5 days):
Silver-sticking, cover one time of watery-paint as glue, that caused for silver-paper sticking in necessary area (on face or back-side)[P15 to P21].
Step 9 (1.5 days):
Silver washing and make first time color-paint, make dry, water grind, make dry and then make design on product as chicken, longevity, 3 writing...[P22 to P 25].
Step 10 (1.5 days):
Make second time color paint, make dry, water-grind [P 26 to P 28]. We have to make the thirst time or more color-paint layer for products except gold and silver color product.
Step 11 (2 days):
Make one time of black-paint at the backside of product, make dry, flat water grind then make dry [P29].
Step 12 (1day):
Polishing product by one kind of starch and substance used for polishing on both side of product. Finish process [P30]. 
Note: Period of the above process and quality of lacquer product do depend on weather. It is right for good weather, not to much raining or so much hot.


 - Materials: fresh neohouzeaua and bamboo (from forest)
- Time of production: time depends much on the material resource and weather and it will take at least 30 days from starting splitting bamboo to splint
Step 1:
Neohouzeaua and bamboo are steeped in water (in pond and lake) from 3 to 4 months to make the material durable and for anti-termite and wood-eater.
Step 2: 
Picking up the material and dry them for 10 to 20 days: Drying and shrinking them.
Step 3: 
Splitting bamboo into slim and flat splints (4-5 days)
Step 4: 
Selecting the best ones, then smooth and dry them (4-5 days)
Step 5:  
Using the dried splints to form the product by 2 ways:
+ Rounding it on the mould
+ Joining it on flat
(Using alcohol to stick or fix it with nail or pin)
Producing raw product from rounding or joining flat pieces (4-5 days)
Step 6: 
Coating the product with a glue layer on the dried ones: fixing product.
Step 7: 
Drying product by drying (3-4 days). Smoothing them by sandpaper, cutting and whittling them to have semi-product called "Voc".
Step 8:   
Coating “Voc” with an alcohol layer to prevent crack and anti-termite and wood eater and then dry them. (3-4 days)
Step 9: Finishing product:
A, Smoothing the products when it has been dry, painting a thick layer on "Voc" and smoothing it by sandpaper. Making it like that for 3 to 4 times with non-color paint or paint it with customized color (4-5 days)
B, Painting the product with customized color, spraying paint. (2 days)
C, Spraying or coating the product with PU paint on its surface for making it strong and water resistance.
 Step 10:

Keeping final products out-door, that make them safety from risk smell paint. Complete production. 

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