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Address:      161, 5th GiangCao, BatTrang, Hanoi, Vietnam


Website:     www.bat-trang.com /Sub: www.vietnamcraft.com.vn  


Email:         sales@bat-trang.com   [PayPal Verified];


Telephone:  0084.904907272        

Fax:           0084.4.38745922

Contact with: Mr Dao Duy Thong _ CEO 





Some features on Vietnam crafts commodities market and operation process of BATTRANG.,JSC:


     Through many years experience in trading in Vietnam arts and crafts in Hanoi, we have gained a firm position in Vietnam market as well as to the importers of the commodity. Our success are resulted mainly from the classical business policy "reasonable price, good quality and service".

      Vietnam arts and crafts are very plentiful and diverse. It is gathered and selected from many different geographical areas in all three regions: North-Centre-South of Vietnam, from remote mountainous areas to delta and coastal area where are commonly very far from the main traffic road. The general feature of producing fine art and handicraft products is in small scale (handicraft villages), in family scale, making use of the agricultural leisure time and using natural available materials such as, soil, rock, rattan, bamboo, wood, horn, bone, oyster and nail shell?Therefore, the contact, getting to know and getting business this products is difficult, time-consuming and hard-work for foreign tourists and the businessman trading in this goods. Even when they have approached the main market such as, Hanoi Old Quarters, SaiGon and Hue-HoiAn, they still face a number of difficulties to make a business decision due to the difference of price and quality from many suppliers. It is totally right because Vietnam is a new developed market, Vietnam fine-art and handicraft products are made roughly by hand, with quality of products is not based on any standard.

      However, Viet Nam arts and crafts are very plentiful and they themselves show the traditional culture feature of Vietnamese: hard working, laborious, creative and skilled, the hardship and time consuming through generations to generations of handicraftsmen. Therefore, they have many certain values in the eyes of foreign friends. A number of these products are only for Vietnam daily life, a minor number of them are for fine-art and daily life of other countries. In other words, Vietnam fine-art and handicraft has not been in a united program for international market research to reach a higher target.

      In such context, we would like to introduce ourselves to international friends which Vietnam fine-art and handicrafts product has gained. Furthermore, we want to present our sincere ideas to the businessman, who are interested in Vietnam fine-art and handicraft to save time, work and money when they need to trading in them, and at least they have more information for reference to make right business decision.

      We sincerely thank our old customers, businessmen and partners whose interest and help has made a big contribution to our success today. We hope that with our more efforts and our achievements, we will be more grown up, more perfect to offer you better service.


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