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     Bat Trang is a village in North Vietnam about 13 kilometers south east of Hanoi, on the Red river. It has been famous for its ceramics for a thousand years, particularly dinnerware and ornamental ware. The Bat Trang producers export ceramic goods annually to the value of over $40 million a year.
    Perhaps the most outstanding strength of Bat Trang village is its tradition of making pottery. The people are very skilful and talented, producing a product that has a distinctive look. Bat Trang traditional quality pottery includes bowl, dish, pot, cup, wine pot, a big flower-vase, leg lamp, lime-pot, big-bellied jar with glazes such as ancient pearl blaze, crackle glaze, dark glaze, indigo-blue flower glaze, grey flower glaze, melt glaze... Craftsmanship developed over many generations.
    They are also able to produce high quality goods to order, meeting the demands of international buyers and their markets, manufactured using controlled processes using modern gas-fired kilns.Wander our narrow streets and see the vendors with their art-ware, tableware and ornaments. Little animals, figurines, huge vases, tea sets. Studios with antique collections, craftspeople making the pots, applying the intricate designs, setting the kilns. Packers loading trucks for all parts. Walk to the river, see the old kilns and look for their red fires. Enjoy a tea, it tastes better in Bat Trang! Buy some ceramics so you can enjoy your Bat Trang experience at home.

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